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Q: What is the SwaddlePax Vest?

The SwaddlePax Vest is a garment created to help with pain management, specifically in the spinal column. It enables the placing of ice/heat packs in whichever areas that need direct attention, that of course, the vest covers. It provides both a combination of temperature and compression that is used to help manage back pain.

Q: How do I position the ice/heat packs?

It is easy to use. Simply freeze or heat the packs as per the instructions, place them into the supplied pouches and then attach the back of the pouches to the unique fastening liner on the inside of the vest. The packs will need to be arranged for the best position possible and will unique to the individual. Once positioned correctly, we suggest you leave the pouches in place and simply swap out the packs as needed.
Please watch the instruction video (link) for a more detailed explanation.

Q: Can I order additional ice/heat packs?

Yes! You can order additional packs and pouches at

Q: How long can I wear the SwaddlePax Vest?

We recommend individuals wear the vest in 30 minutes cycles, however, we encourage individuals to seek advise from their health professional for the best solution for their needs.

Q: Who can use the SwaddlePax Vest?

Anyone! The vest is designed to help any and all individuals suffering from back pain as an alternative form of pain management; however, we cannot guarantee any results for you, but we can offer you a refund within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied.

Q: Can I wash the SwaddlePax Vest?

Yes you can. Its machine washing safe. We recommend using the gentle cycle and then hanging the vest and pouches separately to dry.
*PLEASE NOTE: Do not wash the ice/heat packs and NEVER put the vest, pouches or packs into the dryer.

Q: Is there any magic involved?

The answer is no. This is simply a combination of ice or heat coupled with multiple layers of compression directly onto an area that might respond to that type of help. Use it when it is needed, and do not when you feel well. There are no drugs or surgery involved, but we make no claim you may need medications or surgery in the future based on your own physical condition.

Q: Will the SwaddlePax Vest Cure My Back Issues?

First, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, contact your health care professional before using this product!!!
Ultimately, the answer this question is unfortunately no. Wearing this vest should merely help alleviate the pain, but will not cure any back ailment. It is meant as a pain management tool, not a cure. The SwaddlePax Vest may help you, as it did the inventor, but as with any type of treatment dealing with the body, it is your responsibility to maintain it as best you can.
Therefore, we cannot make any promises and we are happy to refund your money within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with our product.

Q: Where is the SwaddlePax Vest available?

The SwaddlePax Vest is currently only available in Canada, Belgium, Romania and Mexico