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I have an old back injury that flairs up once in a while. I find my SwaddlePax vest helps me through these times, especially when I have to do a lot of driving. One of my favourite features on the vest is the velcroed in ice packs. When my back is really hurting, using the ice packs with my vest is the best thing I can do for it.
-Dave Orillia


I was sick with the Flu and wore the SwaddlePax Vest with heated packs to not only help with the body aches, but also to get to sleep at night. I truly believe it helped me to heal faster and I love it!Thanks for an amazing product!thanks for an amazing product!
-Maria Lamm


The SwaddlePax Vest was very helpful when I was doing renovation work in our old house. It was very easy to wear and the packs kept my back cool. I think it is a great product.
-Billy Best


I used to see a chiropractor, but have not for 5 years. Whenever I have back pain, I treat it myself with the SwaddlePax Vest.
-Rick Anderson


Awesome product, does exactly what it was designed to do. You don’t see that in many pain relief devices. I only have to wear it about an hour and a half every couple of weeks and my lower back pain is gone for days.
-Jeff McEachern


I was skeptical at first, but now so glad that I was chosen for the Alpha testing of the SwaddlePax Vest. I’ve suffered L4 / L5 chronic back pain since 1981, due to a 3 story building collapsing on me, leaving me couch/bed bound at times for weeks. So nice to be able to take the heat packs with you in this vest to relieve the pain, and the bonus is that the vest makes you sit and walk with proper posture as well.
-Wayne O’Shea